TDMR Europe explains regulatory changes on TDR in leading specialist title

Posted On: 10th October 2022

TDMR Europe’s Chair Professor Anthony Leeds is featured in European Food Law’s article on the upcoming changes to TDRs composition requirements in the EU.

Professor Leeds explained the targeted campaign that TDMR Europe has taken forward for the past five years to ensure the forthcoming changes to Regulation (EU) 2017/1798 regarding TDRs magnesium and essential fatty acids requirements are in line with the latest scientific evidence, and that consumers’ health remain top priority.

In November 2019, TDMR Europe sent a letter to the European Commission to raise awareness of the latest scientific research on alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), linoleic acid (LA) and magnesium and requested a review by the European Food Safety Authority of their 2015 recommendations on TDRs composition. TDMR Europe shared with the Commission scientific evidence demonstrating that the proposed compositional criteria aiming to fundamentally alter the overall nutritional composition of TDR not only were not in line with the latest scientific research but would lead to serious issues with a number of factors, including the texture, taste, smell and overall palatability of the products. TDMR Europe explained that this would result in the disappearance of TDR – a product that has been used safely in Europe for more than  30 years.

TDMR Europe’s successful campaign resulted in a new EFSA assessment supporting the industry’s views and in the implementation of the changes that TDMR Europe requested by the Commission.

However, as Professor Leeds stresses in the European Food Law article, the composition requirements for protein in Regulation (EU) 2017/1798 remain problematic as they also do not follow the latest scientific evidence, as well as presenting significant food technology problems.

TDMR Europe will keep working closely with EU policy makers to ensure that the regulatory framework for TDRs is based on sound science, combining its longstanding experience on policy engagement with the expertise of its Science Committee and knowledge of member organisations.

Ahead of the approval of the TDR Delegated Act by the European Parliament and the Council, businesses in the sector need to come together and actively engage with the regulatory process to provide on-the-ground information to secure fit for purpose legislation.

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