We are Total Diet & Meal Replacements Europe (TDMR Europe)

The European trade body for manufacturers and distributors of formula diet products, including total diet replacement products (TDRs) and meal replacement products (MRPs) which provide weight loss and weight management programmes for the overweight and obese. Our members currently operate predominantly in the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Cyprus, Greece and Poland.


TDMR Europe was previously known as the European Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) Industry Group.

Representing the Total Diet and Meal Replacement Sector in Europe

We work to secure appropriate and proportionate European legislation for slimming foods and are in close continuous dialogue with a wide variety of stakeholders such as policymakers and senior officials in the relevant bodies to do this. We also aim to increase awareness and understanding of specialist weight management foods such as TDRs and MRPs and coordinate detailed technical and regulatory expertise of members to develop common industry positions that help to support European public policy and regulatory decisions.

We also take the argument for TDRs and MRPs in the industry to the TV and Radio

Also to the mainstream press and the specialist media, highlighting the increasing evidence base within the scientific literature regarding their efficacy and potential to change the face of obesity and related diseases in Europe.

All TDMR Europe members abide by our strict Code of Conduct, which can be accessed here.

Latest News from TDMR Europe

TDMR Europe debunks myths on TDR and shows its effectiveness in weight loss

25th May 2021

Mark Gilbert from TDMR Europe’s Science Committee spoke at the recent on-line seminar “Proven Facts versus Popular Myth about weight loss with Total Diet Replacement (TDR)”.  Mark Gilbert debunked myths about the relation between weight loss and lean body mass. As he stressed, there is an “undeserved negative mythology surrounding


Total Diet Replacement powerful ally in tackling obesity, misinformation on TDR must be addressed says Dr Kelly Johnston at TDMR Europe’s webinar

18th May 2021

Dr Kelly Johnston from King’s College London spoke at the Group’s on-line seminar “Proven Facts versus Popular Myth about weight loss with Total Diet Replacement (TDR)”. Dr Johnston focused on the misinformation and myths about TDR. Her presentation pointed out the urgency of tackling these myths as they slow the


Dr George Thom presented physiological and behavioural factors in weight loss maintenance at TDMR Europe’s webinar

11th May 2021

Dr George Thom, a Registered Dietitian who works as a Research Associate within the Human Nutrition team at the University of Glasgow presented some of the key physiological and behavioural factors involved in weight loss maintenance during a recent TDMR Europe webinar. Dr Thom emphasised in his presentation that several