Dublin Seminar - April 2019

The DiRECT diabetes remission trial – an interview with Mike Lean

10th June 2019

“Formula diets, as currently designed, have proved extremely safe and effective in helping people to lose substantial amounts of weight, and gaining remission of type-2 diabetes. Almost nine out of 10 people with type-2 diabetes were still in remission, not diabetic and not needing medications, a year later if they


Joe McSorley – a diabetes remission success story

27th June 2019

“While the total diet replacement is not a cure, it can put type 2 diabetes in remission, what happens after that is down to will power and lots of hard work in the gym to maintain the weight loss. In truth, it is a lifestyle change but one that for


Henning Bliddal on Osteoarthritis: weight loss is key to improvement

14th August 2019

“Obesity is widely acknowledged as a risk factor for both the incidence and progression of osteoarthritis and has a negative influence on outcomes. Loss of at least 10% of body weight, coupled with exercise, is recognised as a cornerstone in the management of obese patients with osteoarthritis, and can lead


Obesity: disease or lifestyle choice? An interview with Carel Le Roux

14th June 2019

“We now treat obesity like all other chronic diseases, and we understand the value of meal replacement strategies which helps change the symptoms of hunger and lack of satiety in a subpopulation of people with the disease of obesity. For these people losing weight is effortless as the meal replacements


An interview with Professor Anthony Leeds

28th May 2019

In this exclusive interview, Professor Anthony Leeds discusses the benefits of formula food diets (TDRs and MRPs) at our recent seminar ‘Healthcare cost reduction and improved quality of life with evidence-based weight loss in diabetes and osteoarthritis’ at University College Dublin. The event, delivered in partnership with The World Obesity


Dr Nerys Astbury: the future of TDRs

8th July 2019

  “The DROPLET trial showed that after 12 months people on total diet replacements lost on average 10.7kg (1 stone, 9lb), which was 7.2kg (1 stone, 1 lb) more than those only receiving the standard nurse-led programme of weight loss advice. This new analysis adds to that finding by strongly


Seamus Kent: the DROPLET study

15th July 2019

“Studies like ours, which provide reliable estimates of the long-term impacts of weight management programmes on patients’ health and healthcare costs, are of real importance to enable the NHS to select the most clinically and cost-effective services for their patients.”[1] Seamus Kent, health economist at the University of Oxford, presents


Mikael Fogelholm: Diabetes prevention and remission

1st August 2019

“The PREVIEW-study is one of the largest and longest randomized interventions to study the effects of diet and physical activity prevention of type 2 diabetes in pre-diabetic individuals. Compared to earlier studies, the use of a total diet replacement strategy during the first two months was a new element. The