TDMR Europe releases highlights from its webinar “Proven facts versus popular myth about weight loss with TDR”.

Posted On: 6th August 2021

TDMR Europe has released a video with highlights from its online seminar “Proven facts versus popular myth about weight loss with Total Diet Replacement” that took place on 14th April 2021.

In this webinar Professor Anthony Leeds (TDMR Europe Chair), Dr George Thom (University of Glasgow), Dr Kelly Johnston (King’s College London) and Mark Gilbert (TDMR Europe Science Committee) debunked common popular myths about weight loss and presented the potential benefits of using Total Diet Replacement (TDR) for weight loss.

The increasing prevalence of obesity, overweight and type 2 diabetes in Europe, which also increase the risk of adverse outcomes in COVID-19 infection, could soon overwhelm the capacity for healthcare provision. This webinar highlighted how TDR can be an effective solution to tackling alarming obesity and overweight rates in Europe.

The online seminar is available here.