Weight loss with TDR may help to improve fertility in men with obesity

There is a downward global trend in sperm counts in men and, in 50% of couples seeking assisted reproduction there is male infertility.  There are no drug therapies for poor sperm quality and few clinical trials that address the role of obesity and effect of weight loss. Emil Andersen working in Professor Signe Torekov’s group […]

TDMR Europe webinar shows weight maintenance is possible using a balanced low glycaemic index diet following Total Diet Replacement diet

On 12th April, Dr Elena Philippou, Associate Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Nicosia, spoke at TDMR Europe’s webinar “Diabetes Remission: Maintenance after weight loss with total diet replacement”. The online seminar gathered health experts to show the role of TDRs in tackling obesity, discuss challenges and potential solutions regarding weight maintenance […]

Professor Gary Frost shares best practice for weight loss maintenance at TDMR Europe’s webinar

On 12th April at TDMR Europe’s online seminar “Diabetes Remission: Maintenance after weight loss with total diet replacement (TDR)”, health experts demonstrated that weight maintenance is possible after rapid weight loss with TDR and showed its crucial role in delivering diabetes remission  type 2 diabetes. Professor Gary Frost (Chair in Nutrition and Dietetics – Imperial […]

Sleep significantly improved by 8 weeks Total Diet Replacement

Sleep duration and sleep quality were significantly improved by 8 weeks Total Diet Replacement (TDR) 810kcal/d diet in 195 adults with obesity as reported at the European Congress on Obesity (ECO May 2022) by Prof Signe Torekov’s group from the University of Copenhagen.  The presentation (Bogh A et al 2022) reported preliminary data from accelerometry […]

Total diet replacement – amount, safety and sustainability of weight loss

Professor Anthony Leeds, senior fellow at the Parker Institute, Copenhagen, and chair of TDMR Europe reviewed the characteristics and mechanism of action of total diet replacement in TDMR Europe’s webinar “Total Diet Replacement: exploring sustainable weight loss and health benefits, including diabetes remission and prevention” held on 27th October 2021. He noted that Total Diet […]

Total Diet Replacement in a primary care/community setting – sustainability and health economics

Dr Nerys Astbury, Senior Research Fellow at the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Sciences, University of Oxford reviewed the results of the DROPLET trial and three-year follow up in TDMR Europe’s webinar “Total Diet Replacement: exploring sustainable weight loss and health benefits, including diabetes remission and prevention” held on 27th October 2021.  Dr Astbury showed […]

TDMR Europe Chair shows TDR’s impact on obesity and T2DM

The Chairman of TDMR Europe, Professor Anthony Leeds, spoke at the Group’s successful online seminar entitled “Proven Facts versus Popular Myths about weight loss with Total Diet Replacement (TDR)”. This webinar addressed the myths and misinformation that surround the use of Total Diet Replacements and enabled stakeholders in both the public policy and healthcare sectors […]

World Health Day, 7 April 2021 – Universal Health Coverage: everyone, everywhere

TDMR Europe welcomes the World Health Organisation’s ‘World Health Day’ that commemorates the founding of WHO in 1948.  This year the theme reflects the disparities in healthcare available to different groups across the globe, brought into sharp focus by the COVID19 crisis, and reflects a desire to make healthcare truly universal. Recognising that the burden […]

NHS advocates weight management programmes backed by scientific research

Last week, the NHS in England announced plans to facilitate access to total diet replacement programmes (TDRs) for thousands of obese and overweight people, as part of the Type II diabetes remission programme. The TDR programme is backed by plenty of scientific research, which demonstrates increasing evidence regarding the efficacy of TDR As a result, […]

TDMR Europe – ‘Reducing future risk: Obesity co-morbidities and nutritional status’ – INDEX PAGE

Total Diet & Meal Replacements Europe (TDMR Europe)’s webinar, ‘Reducing future risk: Obesity co-morbidities and nutritional status’, attracted over 100 academics, policymakers and medical specialists from all over the world. The webinar, which had been awarded SCOPE World Obesity Federation accreditation, highlighted the use of total diet replacements to reduce future risk of diabetes and […]

‘TDR and vitamin D status in elderly obese people with knee osteoarthritis’ – Henning Bliddal

Henning Bliddal, Parker Institute, Frederiksburg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark Introduction: Among several comorbidities to obesity, osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee is increasingly important. Obesity and kneeOA are linked in several ways and form a vicious circle, each intensifying the other. As the populations grow older and heavier, both individuals and society are facing increasing challenges with […]

‘Obesity, nutritional status and COVID-19’ – Carel Le Roux

Prof Carel le Roux, Diabetes Complications Research Centre, University College Dublin, Ireland People with obesity are one of the high risk groups to develop severe illness from COVID-19. Several diseases have been associated with COVID-19 hospitalizations but consistently the severity of COVID-19 corelates with BMI. Obesity increases  the risk of developing severe pneumonia in COVID-19 […]

TDMR Europe welcomes the announcement of the Farm to Fork strategy

The European Commission unveiled its much-awaited Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy, following several postponements due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The strategy is at the heart of the European Green Deal, and aims to make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally friendly. While public health remains a responsibility of member states, the commission has decided to […]

The argument for Total Diet Replacements

The argument for Total Diet Replacements In the United Kingdom, the number of people with type 2 diabetes has doubled to 3.8 million in the last 20 years. In just 5 years’ time more than 5 million people will be affected. Diabetes care costs account for about 10% of the total NHS budget and this […]

Five things you may not know about TDRs

Five things you may not know about Total Diet Replacements With the prevalence of obesity rising across Europe, more and more people are seeking to quickly and effectively lose weight. A quick Google search provides hundreds of ways to achieve weight loss, including through the use of pills and other popular diets. These usually promise […]

England expands TDR programme to tackle obesity. European countries need to follow suit

The English National Health Service (NHS) has announced that it will further expand its “soups and shakes” diet programme, which provides weight loss with total diet replacement (TDR) for people with obesity and type 2 diabetes (T2DM), following positive results. Currently available in 21 areas of England, the programme will be expanded to provide access […]

World Obesity Day: Time for prevention and management of obesity to go hand-in-hand

Total Diet & Meal Replacement (TDMR) Europe welcomes World Obesity Day (WOD), which will return this year with the message “Changing Perspectives: Let’s Talk About Obesity”. Taking place tomorrow 4th March, 2023’s campaign aims to help correct misconceptions and acknowledge the complexities around obesity, and push for collective action. In this context, it is crucial […]

EU Commission review of composition requirements for TDR is a positive step but industry warns about remaining formulation issues

Ahead of the enforcement of the Delegated Regulation amending Delegated Regulation 2017/1798 on Total Diet Replacement (TDR) on 29 November 2022, TDMR Europe released a statement to welcome the review of essential fatty acids (EFA) and magnesium requirements but raises awareness of the need to review the protein requirements next. TDMR Europe welcomes the review […]

TDMR Europe membership more important than ever for slimming foods businesses

Europe is witnessing a dramatic increase in obesity rates and policy makers are looking at how best to tackle this challenge and related health conditions. It is more important than ever for the slimming foods sector to raise awareness of the effectiveness of its products in weight loss and help decision makers gain a better […]

World Obesity Day: Preventive measures alone won’t help reverse the obesity pandemic

TDMR Europe welcomes World Obesity Day (WOD) which returns this year with the theme “Everybody Needs to Act”. Taking place annually on 4th March, WOD is a unified day of action that calls for a cohesive, cross-sector response to the obesity crisis. Today a variety of organisations and decision-makers across Europe used the occasion of […]

COVID-19 and the urgency of addressing the obesity challenge

It has been over a year and half since the COVID-19 outbreak began, and a major lesson learned from the pandemic is the need to make obesity a public health priority. While elderly people and those with immune disorders were quickly recognised as the main groups at increased risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes, several studies […]

TDMR Europe holds successful interactive event and highlights TDR’s impact on obesity

Experts debunk myths about weight loss with TDR and show its effectiveness in reducing obesity and overweight. In a webinar organized by TDMR Europe on 14th April Professor Anthony Leeds (TDMR Europe Chair), Dr George Thom (University of Glasgow), Dr Kelly Johnston (King’s College London) and Mark Gilbert (TDMR Europe Science Committee) highlighted how Total […]

As public policy steps up efforts to tackle obesity, it’s time to focus on solutions

As part of World Obesity Day, on 4th March, a variety of organisations and decision-makers across Europe talked about their increased efforts to tackle obesity. The Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge centre, launched a dedicated obesity section on its Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Knowledge Gateway website. The service provides […]

Obesity: disease or lifestyle choice? An interview with Carel Le Roux

“We now treat obesity like all other chronic diseases, and we understand the value of meal replacement strategies which helps change the symptoms of hunger and lack of satiety in a subpopulation of people with the disease of obesity. For these people losing weight is effortless as the meal replacements addresses the underlying biology of […]

VLCD Industry Group relaunches as TDMR Europe to become industry voice  

VLCD Industry Group relaunches as TDMR Europe to become industry voice   The European Very Low-Calorie Diet Industry Group (VLCD IG), the trade body representing manufacturers and distributors of total diet replacements (TDRs) and meal replacement products (MRPs) which provide weight loss programmes for the very overweight and obese, has today relaunched as Total Diet […]