Diabetes remission after weight loss with Total Diet Replacement: 5-year evidence and feasibility of use in osteoarthritis

Posted On: 28th May 2024

TDMR Europe held a one-hour seminar to review the evidence for efficacy of TDR in delivering the initial weight loss needed for diabetes remission and for sustainability and practicality of TDR based-programmes on Wednesday 22nd May.

Our Chair, Professor Anthony Leeds briefly described the work of TDMR Europe and summarized its recent activity and current projects.

Professor Henning Bliddal, Director of the Parke Institute then summarized the evidence for the benefits of weight loss in osteoarthritis.

Following this Professor Mike Lean from the University of Glasgow reviewed the need for weight loss in managing type 2 diabetes and the evidence from the DiRECT diabetes remission trial.

There then followed a brief discussion about the roll-out of this diabetes remission programme in other countries and the health benefits including benefits for other obesity comorbidities.