Health experts to demonstrate efficacy of total diet replacement in transforming obesity and type 2 diabetes treatment

Posted On: 5th April 2022

Research leaders will testify to the benefits of using total diet replacement (TDR) for weight loss and the impact of this weight loss on improving type 2 diabetes care, in an online event taking place on 12th April at 1400h BST (1500h CET), organised by Total Diet & Meal Replacements Europe.

The seminar, “Diabetes Remission: Maintenance after weight loss with total diet replacement”, will feature expert speakers Prof Mike Lean (Clinical Senior Research Fellow/Honorary Consultant – University of Glasgow), Prof Gary Frost (Chair in Nutrition and Dietetics – Imperial College London), Prof Elena Philippou (Associate Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics – University of Nicosia) and TDMR Europe Chair, Prof Anthony Leeds (Visiting Senior Fellow, Parker Institute, Frederiksberg Hospital, Copenhagen).

Prof Anthony Leeds, Chair of TDMR Europe said:

“Obesity and type 2 diabetes (TD2M) are among the most critical challenges facing Europe’s health and economy. It is important now, more than ever, to help policymakers and healthcare professionals gain a better understanding of the role of TDR in addressing these issues. Several scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of TDR in tackling obesity and have shown that weight reduction is the most important component of T2DM prevention, along with increased physical activity and optimal composition of the maintenance diet. Following a highly successful webinar on the use of TDR for weight loss and T2DM remission and prevention last year, we are delighted to launch this online seminar to review the latest research on the requirements for weight maintenance after weight loss with TDR”.

The panel will review the DiRECT diabetes remission trial and the PREVIEW diabetes prevention trial to identify barriers and potential solutions with regards to successful weight loss maintenance and diabetes remission. The PREVIEW trial has shown that a large initial weight loss of an average 10% of body weight with TDR, followed by a structured diet focussing on glycaemic index and higher protein content, delivered fewer cases of T2DM three years later than would have been expected.

This seminar is aimed at policymakers, healthcare professionals, organisations in the European health industry with an interest in weight management and weight loss, and type 2 diabetes remission and treatment as well as at media stakeholders who are looking to widen their knowledge of scientifically-backed weight management solutions available to Europe today.

The online seminar will take place on 12th April, at 14:00 – 15:30 BST (15:00-16:30 CET). Participation at the event is free of charge. You can find more information and register here.