TDMR Europe releases highlights from its webinar which demonstrated that Total Diet Replacements can transform obesity and type 2 diabetes treatment

Posted On: 5th January 2022

Health experts demonstrated that total diet replacements (TDR) offer a cost-effective solution in tackling obesity and health related diseases, in TDMR Europe’s latest webinar “Total Diet Replacement: exploring sustainable weight loss and health benefits, including diabetes remission and prevention”.


Total diet replacement – amount, safety and sustainability of weight loss

– Anthony Leeds, TDMR Europe, Parker Institute, Copenhagen

Diabetes prevention with TDR and low GI/GL diet (the PREVIEW study)

– Jennie Brand Miller, University of Sydney

Total Diet Replacement in a primary care/community setting – sustainability and health economics (the DROPLET trial)

– Nerys Astbury, University of Oxford

Diabetes remission – update on global roll-out of remission programmes (the DiRECT trial)

– Mike Lean, University of Glasgow

Prof Anthony Leeds, (Chair TDMR Europe) introduces the speakers:

After the event he said:

“We are pleased that our online seminar was attended by more than 100 delegates from the healthcare, policy and media sectors. The increasing levels of obesity and comorbidities in Europe will soon overwhelm capacity for healthcare provision. This timely seminar effectively demonstrated the potential for TDRs to provide a highly effective solution for overweight and obese individuals to lose weight more rapidly than would otherwise be possible, and improve outcomes for type 2 diabetes and other health issues associated with obesity”

To access the four complete contributions, with abstracts, slide sequences and references please follow this link.

The event featured Dr Nerys Astbury (University of Oxford), Prof Jennie Brand Miller (University of Sydney), Prof Mike Lean (University of Glasgow) who reviewed the latest scientific research including the DROPLET, PREVIEW and DiRECT trials and TDMR Europe Chair, Prof Anthony Leeds (Parker Institute, Frederiksberg Hospital, Copenhagen), The full recording of the webinar is available here.

More information on TDR is available here and here.