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Posted On: 9th August 2021

On 14 April 2021 TDMR Europe organised the online seminar “Proven Facts versus Popular Myths about weight loss with Total Diet Replacement (TDR)”. The event presented the potential benefits of using TDR for weight loss, including cost-effectiveness and addressed myths and misinformation that slow the acceptance of TDR as an effective solution in the European strategy to tackle obesity and overweight. The webinar featured expert speakers Professor Anthony Leeds (TDMR Europe Chair), Dr George Thom (University of Glasgow), Dr Kelly Johnston (King’s College London) and Mark Gilbert (TDMR Europe Science Committee).

Please follow the link to each individual presentation:

Total Diet Replacements – update on latest clinical trial evidence 

– Anthony R Leeds, TDMR Europe and Frederiksberg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark

Physiological and behavioural factors involved in weight loss maintenance

George Thom, University of Glasgow

Is there any scientific basis for Myths about TDR? 

Kelly Johnston, King’s College London

TDR Myths – Does Rapid Weight Loss Cause Undue Losses of Lean Body Mass?

Mark Gilbert, TDMR Europe Science Committee

TDMR Europe represents the voice of European manufacturers and distributors of formula diet products, including Total Diet Replacements (TDRs) and Meal Replacement Products (MRPs), that provide weight loss and weight management programmes for overweight and obese individuals.

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