TDMR Europe welcomes the announcement of the Farm to Fork strategy

Posted On: 16th June 2020

The European Commission unveiled its much-awaited Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy, following several postponements due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The strategy is at the heart of the European Green Deal, and aims to make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally friendly. While public health remains a responsibility of member states, the commission has decided to tackle the issue of obesity in a top down way which is an acknowledgement of the seriousness of the issue.

The Commission aims to reverse obesity trends by 2030 across the EU – a key element which has become even more important in recent years, given both the prevalence of overweight and obesity in the EU and what we know about their impact on vulnerability to COVID-19.

The strategy states: “Obesity is also rising. Over half of the adult population are now overweight, contributing to a high prevalence of diet-related diseases (including various types of cancer) and related healthcare costs. Overall, European diets are not in line with national dietary recommendations, and the ‘food environment’ does not ensure that the healthy option is always the easiest one.”

Chair of TDMR Europe, Anthony Leeds, welcomed the new strategy: ‘I am delighted to hear that the European Commission aims to reverse trends in obesity across Europe.  This noble intention to improve citizen’s health and limit rising healthcare costs will require improvements to the built environment and appropriate transport, food retaining and advertising policies, as well as healthy diets and safe, effective ways to achieve weight loss and maintenance.’

Weight management through a healthy and sensible diet and healthy lifestyle choices is a commendable goal that should be a pillar of the F2F strategy, however, the strategy must also ensure that the focus remains on supporting the larger part of the EU population that is already obese and overweight, taking into account their different needs and circumstances.

While TDMR Europe supports regulators and the wider food industry’s efforts to make food products healthier, it is known that individuals find it exceedingly difficult to achieve weight loss with conventional foods while maintaining nutritional requirements, once daily consumption falls below 1200kcal. Total diet replacements (TDRs) and meal replacements (MRPs) are nutritionally complete and proven in high quality scientific studies to deliver the amount of weight loss and weight maintenance needed for health benefits including diabetes remission.

Citizens of the EU can minimise the risk of obesity and maintain a healthy lifestyle by considering these weight management programmes.

TDMR Europe is the European trade body for manufacturers and distributors of formula diet products, which provide weight loss and weight management programmes for the overweight and obese.