TDMR Europe celebrates World Obesity Day

Posted On: 3rd March 2020

The World Health Organization recently described obesity as a global epidemic and one of society’s “most blatantly visible yet neglected public health problems”. Recent reports on the rise of this life-threatening condition across the globe have been shocking. A total of 107.7 million children and 603.7 million adults were considered to be obese in 2015. Now, research shows that obesity is even more common than these reports suggest and that in most countries many people are now living with obesity.

TDMR Europe is proud to support World Obesity Day 2020, held on Wednesday, March 4. World Obesity Day brings together healthcare, patient and political communities who are keen to raise awareness of obesity and the many other diseases which it influences.

In Europe, World Obesity Day 2020 is supported by the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO). EASO’s aim is to increase knowledge and understanding of the need for action at both European and national levels to improve prevention, treatment and care. At the same time, the campaign supports European citizens who are overweight or have obesity to make lifestyle changes to manage their weight and improve their overall health and quality of life.

TDMR Europe works alongside other organisations at World Obesity Day in the fight against obesity, promoting increased exercise, improved lifestyle choices and better eating habits to help us live healthier lives. For those in need of a specific diet plan, total diet meal replacement programmes (TDRs) are an economical, credible and effective solution, scientifically proven to tackle weight loss and diabetes. Not only do TDRs provide fast and efficient weight-loss, they are clinically proven to reduce the health risks associated with being obese or overweight, including osteoarthritis. The programmes are specifically formulated and replace the whole of the individual’s daily diet with nutritionally balanced soups, shakes and bars consisting of all essential vitamins, minerals, high quality protein, essential fats, and fibre. TDRs are strictly regulated and have been sold safely in the UK and the EU for over 30 years. There is increasing supportive evidence of their effectiveness in a wide range of obesity-related conditions, as well as combatting obesity itself.  Used properly TDR and MRP can contribute globally to ameliorating the consequences of obesity.