TDR should now be considered as the first intervention in people newly diagnosed with Type2 diabetes across the EU

Posted On: 21st December 2018

21 December 2018 Following the release of the DiRECT trial health economics paper this morning by Diabetes UK, Professor Anthony Leeds, Chairman of Total Diet and Meal Replacements Europe (TDMR Europe), the trade association representing the European total diet and meal replacements industry, welcomed the news:

“This analysis of costs and savings confirms what we all suspected. Total Diet Replacements (TDR) are cost effective because they deliver larger amounts of weight loss than conventional diets and greater initial losses are associated in other clinical trials with better weight maintenance later at 6 months, one year and three years later. Larger weight losses give greater metabolic improvement with more people in diabetes remission. Compliance is high because people feel better quickly. They often sleep better and become more mobile as well as gaining the invisible benefits: improved metabolic state and often a lowering of blood pressure. Aside from benefits in diabetes, TDR are proven to reduce pain in osteoarthritis and improve sleep in obstructive sleep apnoea. TDR are nutritionally complete and there is some evidence for improved nutritional status after weight loss with TDR. TDR should now become part of the physicians’ portfolio for first intervention in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes.”