VLCD Industry Group relaunches as TDMR Europe to become industry voice  

Posted On: 23rd August 2018

VLCD Industry Group relaunches as TDMR Europe to become industry voice


The European Very Low-Calorie Diet Industry Group (VLCD IG), the trade body representing manufacturers and distributors of total diet replacements (TDRs) and meal replacement products (MRPs) which provide weight loss programmes for the very overweight and obese, has today relaunched as Total Diet and Meal Replacements (TDMR) Europe under new plans to fundamentally expand its remit.

TDMR Europe has historically worked to campaign in favour of EU regulations that facilitate the sector, rather than regulations which stifle innovation and limit consumer choice. In its new expanded role, it will proactively work to deliver a positive policy environment that furthers the growth of the total diet and meal replacement products sector. It will assume wider responsibilities, becoming a significant voice within the slimming foods industry in dialogue with regulators, policy makers, the media and consumers. TDMR Europe will work to show that against a rising tide of  obesity and related diseases, TDRs and MRPs provide thousands of overweight and obese people with an effective, safe and controlled weight loss plan that can deliver immense health benefits, including remission of type 2 diabetes as results of the recent DiRECT study have shown.

Professor Anthony Leeds, Medical Director of the VLCD Industry Group said:

“” The relaunch of TDMR Europe as an expanded, proactive and specialised representative body is a natural step for us to take in order to be more effective at this time of great need for safe, effective solutions for the obesity crisis in Europe.

 “Weight problems and weight related diseases are of increasing concern as a public health challenge in Europe. TDR and MRP programmes have been shown to be safe and effective ways to combat to be safe and effective ways to combat obesity and the vast array of obesity related conditions including type 2 diabetes that is becoming increasingly prevalent.”

 “We are very excited about our extended and redefined role and working with EU regulators, we very much look forward to further growing our successful industry and offering consumers more rather than less choice over how to tackle their weight related problems.”

More information on TDMR Europe can be found on its new website, www.tdmr-europe.com. Industry members can also get in touch via the trade association’s newly launched Twitter account, @TDMREurope.

Notes to Editors

Members of the TDMR Europe currently operate predominantly in the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Ireland, Cyprus, Greece and Poland.

Total Diet Replacements

TDRs, which include very low-calorie diets (VLCDs) and low calorie diets (LCDs), are specifically formulated programmes that are based around formula foods that aim to replace the whole of the daily diet. These formula foods are nutritionally balanced with key vitamins, minerals, high quality protein, essential fats, fibre and other nutrients, and are designed to replace conventional foods for a period to facilitate optimal weight loss. They provide controlled energy intake lower than can be achieved with a reduced intake of normal foods.

Meal Replacement Products

MRPs are products presented as a replacement for one or more meals of the daily diet. They are used alongside conventional food, as part of an energy restricted diet, to facilitate and maintain weight loss.

Meal replacement products (MRPs) are low-calorie meals taken in place of breakfast, lunch or dinner. They contain between 200kcal and 400kcal and come in pre-rationed form. This makes it easier for people who are looking to lose or maintain weight to control their calorie intake, as they no longer need to control their portions like they would need to do with ‘normal foods’.